Massage: Workplace Seated (Corporate)

Workplace massage is performed on-site. The client is comfortably seated and fully supported in a massage chair with the headrest of the chair cushioning their head and face. The massage style Is applied in press and rub motions to stimulate the muscles, nervous system and circulatory system. This style of massage applies enough pressure so that it's still very effective when applied over clothing.

On site massage has the following benefits for an office environment:

  • All the equipment it requires is a very portable massage chair.
  • Massages are quick between 10 and 30-minutes long, so they don't interfere with work.
  • Employees are able to keep their clothes on so there are no privacy or hygiene issues.
  • There are no massage lotions or oils required so there is no mess or clean-up involved.
  • A brief massage has been shown to boost office morale.

"The boss will like the fact that massage has been shown to boost immunity and decrease employee absences."

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